I was walking down the street today…vitrually coinless…I mean it!!!I just had not carried any money and I was too damn hot and thirsty…even hungry.But you coulndnt have known!!A guy in suit cant be without money,right?

Then I came across a guy,begging.Ok,he didnt look like he was disabled to me..I dont know him,but he became my nephew,cousin,brother and all…wanting me to saidia him!!!
I lingered around and counted four peole dropping something in his metal cup!!
And he had the audacity to smile at me…as if he knew I didnt have the money ha already had in that cup of his!!!

I walked away feeling like I should have reached into that cup and helped myself!!!I mean,the guy wasnt a cripple,just dirty!!!And he was taking advantage of the generosity on Kenyans who like helping beggars,especially on Sunday!!



One thought on “BEGGARS

  1. True..I hear some of these guys actually own plots in prime areas!!!
    OK,giving alms to the poor aint bad,but…as long as thay remain so….and genuinely so!!

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