Picture this,you are walking along the road..you know how crowded Nairobi is,and you suddenly feel strong hands grab your trouser at the small of your back,lifting you up…pushing you to wherever.

You try to scream,thinking its Nairobi’s rampant muggers…only to see Nairobi’s infamous NCC Pick up….then you realize your Ksh 5000 is so down the drain!!

Or you are driving around the city looking for a parking slot…again you know how Nairobi is with parking.You see a vehicle backing up and wait by the sidelines son that you can take the slot being vacated.Suddenly,3 mugs are in your car,uniformed,ordering you to “drive or we call the breakdown”..your money is gone,pap!!

Welcome to the tyrannical rule that is the Nairobi City Council Inspectorate Department!!They are a group of goons,legally(or ghostly) employed to terrorize the city by day!!The constitution they follow is largely undefined,abused or spot-formulated depending on how unlikeable your face is to the goons!!

They even have a court,that just doesn’t believe in self-defense.You are always guilty as charged,no witness,no evidence,no bail and definitely no appeal.Your sentence is in money form and woe unto you if you believe in  law!!

Are they trained so,is it abuse of power…or is the City Hall providing their quota of the 500000-a-year NARC Manifesto?

Style up,folks…Nairobi is an aspiring metropolitan and we surely dont need thugs..err militia terrorising us..its brutality and crime against humanity!!!

Ask any Nairobian and they will tell you point blank that…”We hate kanju”…not exactly that,though…the rest is imprintable!



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