UnUnited States of Kenya

Kenya is like the United States of America…made up of several states(read TRIBES),42 to be specific….the major difference is,there is nothing UNITED about them!!

Members of one such ‘hate’ members of the others more than they would hate the wildest of enemies,are prepared to kill and evict them out of ”óur ancestral  land” ,and fight against them for ”targeting our leaders”.”Aliens” from other states cant address them and their leaders are angels sent by their ancestors and cant be touched!!

What I mean is,Kenya is divided into 42 feuding divisions and everything happening has something ”ethnic” in it!!

Tell me a week that passed without ”my community” being mentioned?

“Ocampo is being used to target my community”

”Why did so and so get appointed from that community”

”We,members of this community announce that so and so will be our presidential flagbearer and not so and so because he doesnt represent the interests of our community properly”

”Lets vote as a bloc”

”We are forming a Kul Klax Klan”

These happen daily..from people planning to be presidents of the United Kenya!!And they claim to be the rightful leaders,youthful,experienced ór WHATEVER!!

Kenya is way greater than an individual,a tribe,a region,a belief,a sex,an age….Kenya is a NATION!!Sovereign at that,but do I say!!Until we shun this bullcrap of ”MY COMMUNITY”,then we are not digging ourselves out of this mud…That I can swear to!!

We are tired of this!We are not interested in whatever tribe there is,unless you are contesting for Village Elders’ Chairman!!

But a President,Governor,Senator,M.P.,ward representative…HELL NO!!!


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