When I read the Harambee Stars line up,a flashlight lit in my head!I had disovered,like Ludwig Kra-whatever discovered Mt.Kenya(by the way,were there no Kenyans around?Letting a Zungu ‘discover’ things in Kenya before them!!)

Well,I dont know whether I a discoverer of sorts if you havent discovered this..especially if you are older than me!!..75% of the names in the National team start with O!!You know what that means?Its concentrated around one or two tribes!

How many teams have you heard in The Kenya Premier League from Eastern or North Eastern?I will say none!Because in the life I have lived in Kenya (since I landed from heaven!!),I have not been lucky to see one!!

Lets do the tally.Is there a serious player from even Rift Valley with its vastness?Have you heard of a person hailing from Central of Central Provence and beyond?Football starts in Nairobi,concentrates in Western and Nyanza,goes down Coast sparsely and ends in Thika,period!!

Question is,is football skill influenced by what your staple food is?Your language,or what?Are North Easterners too tall and famished(by famine like now) to play football,are Meru legs kind of crooked?Are the Turkana too dark to be seen in the field?

Lets get serious!Take the beautiful game where it belongs!The grassroots…Nairobi boys wont get into the field pretending to be Drogba or Messi since they know them,take it to Embu where people play the game,not watch the game!!

Maybe its the way to improve the game in Kenya…honestly a Borana in Samburu doesnt even know when Kenya is playing…because he has never indulged…..eti “Wajaluo wamechapwa na Uganda”


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