The social media suddenly exploded with chants of MURUGI HOTLINE….All blogs and stata were updated with funny Murugi Hotline comments…and all the time I was clueless..I thought it was another MAKMENDE!!!

But then a friend updated me….The minister for special programmes had ‘launched’ a number that dying Kenyans would call for Hunger Relief!!

What audacity!

What we dont understand is how the relief will be there a away to ‘sambaza’ fast food over the phone?Tell me how aperson not affording basic needs such as food will access a phone..

Look at the places hit by famine..for example North Eastern,where is the network?

Lets be FRANK….this hotline is like an airline to hell!!Its like a ‘bye-bye’ call…Whats the role of her docket,anyway..they should be knowing the places hit by famine..not wait for an SOS call!!

Its an escapist method..since the government cant assess and handle averse situations such as this..they want someone to point fingers at….eti
“This dead man died out of ignorance,there was a number he should have called for immediate assistance!!And MP so and so didnt tell them….his party is….”

Damn!Stop hawking our livelihood….You are killing us both ways!!

From Quarantining HIV patients to this ‘HOTLINE’….we are convinced….its HARD TO BE KENYAN!!


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