People say I hate Nairobi Shitty Council,oops,shorry,where I come from,we srub!! Truth is I love the name,and the  departments such as cleaning…those guys do remarkable work.

But then..they work at night,and we rarely see them to gift 🙂 them!!The peple we meet are the people we hate…the HOOLOGANS!!If you respond harshly to that and have no idea of who that is…look into the mirror!!

Now,these people are back at it again…with more swagger…in my dreams,I would liken them to a smiling GRIM RIPPER..seeking for souls(read unsuspecting Nairobians) to devour(grab and haul into unroadworthy trucks)….

They have a new style…they are  moving around with a “NUMBER 9-LIKE” mat complete with grafitti and hype(recall they banned grafitti on matatus),its white in colour and branded BLACK OUT in Gothic font at the back…board it and utaona black out!!

Give us more of these

Then there is the Zebra Crossing shizzle…Tell me how many Zebra crossings you have seen on River Road…I cant point out any!!And these guys are arresting folks on River Road for ‘Kupita barabara kama ni ya mamako!

Note that they dont wear any uniform…and (their fellow) thugs are masquerading as them to rob with violence in complete daylight!!Thats why I will be taking Karate classes fight Kanju…I mean,how do you prove this is not a thug!!

Follow order and professinalism..if not..we are holding consultations on facebook on how to Revolutionalize our city by ousting you!!

By the they surf the net?Will they read this?

I doubt!!



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