Nani atawatetea?

I am happy…almost happy.

A frank ordinary Kenyan will be bearing a smile..our weather beaten faces will crack again with a gleam of hope…

For once we are on the winning side..For once we won’t be grumbling because some rich politician or kin or comrades in crime will not be walking out of a court smiling…to the chagrin of an angry grieving widow denied justice….

For once the Untouchables are wetting their beds with frightened anxiety…not certain whether the judge will admire their expensive suits and want to catch up with them later in a bar….discussing ways of procuring one for himself.

How times and circumstances change, how positions change..thanks to The Post Election Violence that they propagated themselves….we now have the pleasure of knowing that politicians and the Invincible can get vulnerable…that the rattle snake can be rattled!!

Thanks to the UN Security Council!…they could not be cowed by our mighty!!The PWAGU met PWAGUZI and now has to GET DOWN!!

Does Grand Corruption constitute Crime against Humanity? AMMEND the Rome Statute to take that one in..because a lot of our money was used in an unmentionable campaign…a campaign AGAINST us!!

And amid our new joy…..WE SEEK REVENGE!!


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