MPs will be taxed!!!

Fat Cats

Ok,I am not sure,just saying because it’s all over the news…and I DONT BELIEVE IT!! or can you?

Imagining an MP paying tax is almost a blasphemy!!It derailing to the economy and humanity!Or are we ready to conduct burials and harambees without their valuable support?Without their political and financial blessing?We need the MPs in our functions….so I beseech the KRA Commissioner General not to take this suicidal step…why doesnt he care about the common Mwananchi?Just because he can afford to take his children to school without Harambee..he shouldnt condemn us to this,pleease!!

Wait!If you are wondering where taxing(sic) MPs and funerals,harambees bla bla bla,you sure forget fast!!Or you don’t live in this universe!!

Some time ago,actually many times,KRA has tried to tax the MPs,which has been largely impossible.Such Bills have been thrown out of the parliament..unanimously!

In fact,if there is something the Parliament totally agrees with is salary incremental,and tax exemption.


“Every weekend we go to our constituencies for burials and harambees and they expect us to contribute..”

[Ok,I dont know about that because I only see my MP on TV..disagreeing everything.We dont have his contacts (maybe after 2007 alipigwa ngeta simu ikaibiwa”).And anyway,his SUV can’t navigate the riverbeds we call roads!!]

“We are in parliament only five years,we are not permanent employees and if you tax us,we might be left with nothing of our already dismal salary…kwanza huo mshahara uongezwe!!

[Last time I checked,a day’s wages is fully taxable!What makes five years so ‘temporary’?A construction worker earning Sh 200 queues at KRA to file his tax returns!!What these fat cats earn per sitting is an astronomical figure!!]

KRA has pointed out that the new constitution requires them to pay taxes on their salaries…infact,its supposed to be backdated to August 27 2010!

I will laugh to that!The New Constitution doesn’t touch the politicians,Mister!Especially when it relates to their tenure and pay!!It will go through parliament and will definitely be thrown out!!That stipulation will come into effect AFTER THE ELECTION!!Just as The Budget,Election Dates and Ministers resigning their positions!!

The MPs are untouchable…I said it!!….Or “how was that Commissioner appointed,we have decided that his appointment was UNCONSTITUTIONAL,”mtado?


3 thoughts on “WHO DARES TAX MPS!!

  1. There has been that feeling that they are above the law. But this time round…so much is stacked up against them I doubt they will survive this war! For starters….. The CJ and KRA met to sort that taxation issue out…meaning that even if they are to go to court….the Judges will interpret the law as it is that ” all must pay taxes..”

    Their other option is disband KRA which is established in the new constitution which they can’t succeed.

    Another option will be to refuse to pass bill in parliament which means that the bills to be passed by end of August will not be passed and someone in the Civil Service will approach the Supreme Court and CJ seeking the dissolution of the House on that basis! On that alone…..and Mutula told them so…… they will go home and KRA will have a field day auctioning their stuff!

    Either way….they are effed [forgive the French] BIG-TIME!

    Lets watch them.

  2. Just look at how they are running around trying to cover their asses..just as you said,One woman pig said that 500000 would inconvinience her!nkt,just cant wait for 2012!

  3. mmnjug….its much like they are now cornered..we all like that,but listen to them speak,I am sure they are at a roundtable trying to find loopholes in the katiba or muster political muscle…to do what they do best!…Jackline,hush hush,its brighter on the other side!

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