I am Kenyan…wholly Kenyan,patriotic,proud and all….even my ring back tone is the National Anthem(which is free!).I could fight for my country if there were war…dont get me wrong,NOT MY TRIBE as some hooligan ‘more equal’ pigs encourage us after every election.

Cry,my beloved country


But,I have realized a new front that is slowly encroaching my  resolve…I am not as proud to be Kenyan as I used to be!!Its increasingly becoming hard to be Kenyan!!



Before you paint me as a traitor,picture this,what would you do if as you watch…within a short span:

  • A packet of 2kg unga rise from Ksh 40 to Ksh 140,1 kg sugar rise from sh 80 to 140

    >Starvation is looking at Kenyans in the face(sic),basic food prices    skyrocketing!We are a country grappling with the archaic reality of FOOD INSECURITY in the 21st century!!

  • A litre of petrol rise from Sh 60 to Sh 110!

    >We all know what fuel means in this day and age..its price directly translates in the price of every other commodity.A check on the world prices reveals that,though fuel prices are rising,the slope is not as steep as the Kenyan case!And what does the government give as a reason?”..the oil dealers have formed a cartel”!Ludicrous!!Whats the role of government if not to protect Kenyans against thieves?

  • The Kenya Shilling fall against the USD from 65 to 90!

  >Inflation is currently at 14.5% and is rising by the day!At this rate we will lose our status as the regions economic hub,and slowly recess into a Zimbabwe!Look at how little a thousand shillings can buy….we might soon need to introduce a higher denomination!

  • All this,while the Cabinet rose to a record 40+ ministers drawing peak salaries that they dont even want to remit taxes for!
  • Grand corruption that has eaten deep into our Food reserves,Education kitty,infrastructure,Health care that no one seems responsible for!

These and others,my fellow Kenyans are eating into my beloved nation,nation that I have always sworn allegiance to,nation that I would always defend as my own,nation that is my home,nation that is my identity,K.E.N.Y.A!

Yes,I am patriotic,very patriotic…..and proud to be Kenyan…but the pride is gradually turning into SHAME!

If it doesnt change,I might have to wear a new tag ‘ASHAMED TO BE KENYAN’




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