The new Boys


The Bible says…..”It is not by power or by might….”
And I say…..”It is not by financial muscle nor by sponsorship might……but by dedication and passion”.
Looking at Rangers FC,we can learn a lot…like,people may count you out due to your position,but until YOU give up,you are so in and going!

At the start of the season,Posta Rangers lost their Postal Corporation sponsorship and many thought that that would be their end in the Kenya Premier League.With that,they lost both their finance and identity,without which you cant survive..anywhere!

People,including myself,thought players would troop out,lawsuits would arise due to the resulting name change and eminently ceding from existence.I mean,what would you expect?

Look at the KPL table.Who is topping now?Rangers!!

Rangers has shown us an example of being steadfast and passionate for a goal.
As opposed to other players who are in the game for money and job security…The Rangers have held on together as a team with no major exodus as we expected…and thats literally what it means to be ‘a team’!!

With that kind of zeal..lets not be surprised when the ‘underdogs’ top it all at the end of the season!!

And I hope the big men at Posta are watching this…

Go Rangers Go!


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