After 10 days of full dedication to an initiative I started off with just one tweet has taught me a lot. I have met, talked and interacted with all sorts of people. Got all sorts of comments both critics and applauds which I took all positively!!! I knew this wont be easy, but the way Kenyans Online looked up to me and expected results there was no way I would let the people of Kenya Online down. I had to sacrifice a lot esp work and time to make this work. A campaign that is ongoing for more than a week with no offline help makes me proud to say Social Media is our future. We are free to express our thought and eventually the right shall be done.

This has been very tough but the support I get from all of YOU keeps me saying, ONE MORE TWEET, ONE MORE REPLY JUST ONE MORE and here I am 10 days down the line still requesting for the ONE more RE-TWEET. I was honestly about to give this up and support all the other ongoing initiatives , but after I had a word with Abbas Gullet, Tariq Twaha and Rosemary Mutunkei all from Kenya Red Cross Society – they inspired me and encouraged me to keep doing this. Do you realize for the 1st time Kenyans Online all over the world are doing something as ONE with ONE common goal??

The support im getting online on all social platforms just boosts my energy to ask for one more tweet – and you know what? WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am NOT stopping as yet – together we will Feed Kenya.

My take on the idea of this initiative, I leave it to the people of Kenya and the Almighty to decide. My GOAL is to raise money to Feed Kenyans and to make it as transparent as possible not to mention Kenyans to own it!!!

Till date of this post we have raised Kshs.624,602.20/= from 1130 donors via Online, Mpesa and Airtel

This is really a good sign of what we Kenyans can do – it takes time but eventually we will get there.

I also would like to thank KAPA OIL REFINERIES LTD for their donation of 1.5 Tones cooking oil worth 250,000/= (excl taxes) toward FeedKE

Also extend my appreciations to Martha Karua for a call to all Kenyans Online to take part in the initiative and to also the one and only Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka – on behalf of all Kenyans Online I say Thank You!!!


We are all Kenyans and let’s keep everything else behind us today and stand proud to do something for this country – lets Unite and speak one language. A language we all have asked for many years a language of PEACE, LOVE and UNITY!!!!  Take some time and check this video I did exactly 1 year ago and you tell me if my message is any different: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bBqOaszGX4&feature=related

Kenyans WE can DO this together – We can show our strength as ONE – We can make a difference just as an individual. Your say counts, your participation counts, your heart counts and more your ACTION counts.

Sacrifice A Meal Today; Take pride, stand for Kenya and support FeedKE:

  • M-Pesa Paybill to ‘10,000’ Acc ‘feedke’
  • On Airtel nickname ‘REDCROSS’ reference ‘feedke’
  • Online: www.kenyaredcross.org

Ps: all funds are collected directly by the Kenya Red Cross Society and a report is available on request.

From the bottom of my heart I say thank you all who have made this happen and also request you all NOT to give up we have reached a point we will NOT look back…. Lets finish the race together, lets all meet at the finish line as proud Kenyans!!! And may The Almighty protect, bless and guide you in whatever you do and shower you with endless blessings and success!!!

My name is Ahmed Salim and I’m a Kenyan!!

May God Bless YOU and GOD BLESS KENYA!!!!


Great initiative…lets try to save our people…nobody else will(especially Dem ‘more equal pigs’)-My thoughts.


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