Doesnt he need help?

People in the world are contributing to save a region in crisis,the worst drought in more than 60 years.

We are seeing pictures,videos and commentaries of the situation and as it is,its a very bad situation.

Or so we think…..,according to the government:

  • There is no Kenyan who has died of hunger,that’s a case of failed nations like Somalia and their small nation in Kenya called Dadaab.The good government of Kenya cant allow its people to die of hunger.So we are safe!
  • Kenya has enough food to last a lifetime.The problem is the means of reaching Kenyans in far places like Wajir where there are no roads,and the chiefs are not doing enough collecting people to get their portions.The GoK  has taken care of that,though,via the New Constitution where we are doing away with the useless chiefs and devolving the government.Such regions will now be able to build their own roads,and reaching them with relief will now not be as hard.
  • There is too much competition for our resources due to the Third World neocolonialists who are encouraging dying people to come into our camps.They should understand we also our refugees to take care care of and stop expanding their territories into ours.Let them take their relief to wherever its needed.
  • Bogus NGOs are reporting negative images of our sovereign nation and we wont take it lying down…the only one we recognize is Red Cross,the rest are doling business with the donations they attract.
  • The main problem lies with the  media.Those guys are very creative.They are filling the news with fiction that looks so real,even to us!If you look at the videos and stories they are writing while eating burgers at Yaya Center you will wonder why Kenya doesn’t rank high in the film and print industries!
  • And those pictures you are seeing..that are all Photoshopped!Those children don’t exist!Can you believe ribs can come out like that?They cant!

Fellow Kenyans and the world,you must realize we are working around the clock

Perfectly healthy?

to ensure you are well fed.Just go to Galitos’ on Tuesday…you will realize wqe are well fed as a Nation.Or,can you point out to any nation in the region offering GMO to its citizen?No!

Its a shameful statement…frankly!



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