Gender Sum

I just heard the news…Kenya is ranked up there for providing bla bla opportunities for women…thanks to the Constitutional a third quota requirement….

Before la femme movement comes after me na majora, let me confess that I don’t mind being under a woman,I advocate their rise up the corporate ladder,heck,I would vote for a female president!I am an admirer of Wangari Maathai(a must-mention),Angela Merkel,Mother Teresa,Sirleaf….etc.

Article 81(b) Chapter 7 of the Constitution of Kenya states that “no more than two thirds of public posts can be from one gender”.

This has been blown out of proportion by women who have hitherto been society underdogs,yapping around and about that this field has been levelled,the constitution now favours them,bla bla bla….

Flashback to my 844 days when girls used to sing, “What a man can do a woman can do!”–Those were good days,morale was high,competition stiff…,that would have built Great women in the society!

Nobody moves up without pressure,the constitution didnt have this clause when Wangari Maathai took to the world with her degrees!Otherwise,she would have rested at Undergraduate,knowing she would hold an uncontested Public Office!If we give the modern

Kenya girl the drive-by opportunity,she will give books a wide berth…why would you work if you had a plate guaranteed?
And to the yapping women and female activists…the boy child is yours too!Okay,I am not interpreting the Constitution as people are,I am not a lawyer,but its clear on ‘gender‘ and not ‘female/women’! Butthen,would I think the playground is tilted,and isnt motivating in any way!

Lets fight for positions,Lets look at the papers,the experience,the qualifications…….

And not the features below the belly button!

Not every princess that is locked away in a tower will have Price Charming to save her. Sometimes she will have to slay her own dragons.



  1. I think that the women are their own worst enemies! If they weren’t Ngilu would have become Kenya’s president way befor Kibaki sniffed statehouse…..or even would have ensured that Wangari Maathai [another mention] became an MP again and got a full Ministry…but they did not!

    Instead, Wangari Maathai, Ngilu, Martha Karua did not need women advocacy to get where they are today…! They went in there, fought clean and did not wait for 30% to be accorded to them, but they got their own 100% That is waht empowering is all about. But even with that 30% allocation…the women will still have issues with their fellow women…for obvious reasons.

    It is a good idea, the 30% one, but I have a feeling that politically, it will not benefit women since these are seats that will come on a silver platter….! But if they want to make the change felt, let them support the presidential bid by Karua….then we will know they have arrived….until then….. iRest.

  2. True that,man…..And I can bet they wont do it….they go mudslinging each other and say its men,society…bla bla bla…or maybe they expect to be given the presidency and others in a rotational kinda style…

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