Sychelles 0-3 Kenya Never been better!

Do it like this-Kimanzi and the boys

Whenever Harambee Stars goes on an outing,Kenyans dont even bother to watch the game-the outcome is always known.Infact,if you listen to the conversations later,you will be sure to hear..’how much were we beaten?’

This is the result of a very poor away record..Of 28 away games, Kenya has only managed one win (3.6%)[…a World Cup qualifier back on 16 August 1997 ,the team beat Burkina Faso in Ouagadougou 2-4] , five draws (17.9%) and 22 losses (78.6%).We have been evryone’s whipping boys,a far cry from the ever-sprouting Athletics where we are the superpowers!

Luckily,we have had a scape goat-poor football

Pascal-FIGHTER- 42'

management in Kenya.It has been a feuding football nation  since time immemorial.Until recently when we appeared to sober up a bit and got

our acts straight by electing a new body(actually a new forest but the same old monkeysThat leaves us with no scapegoat..we just have to move up the sheet now!To show this,the new management reinstated the best (homegrown) coach Kenya ever had-Francis Kimanzi-THat wasw a thumbs up-hoping he wont be sacked Chelsea style!

And it appears to have worked like tonic.He comes back and Kenya puts the poor away record behind.The 3-0 thrashing of Sychelles has never been better…this time we were not at the recieving end!!The boys went out and brought a new record home!Some may say Sychelles wasnt ione of the beast to get our swag back wioth,but I will

Anthony KImani-77'

say its a team like any other-infact,a PEER!

So,was it a psychological effect?(the opponents underdog status,the new hope that FKA Brings and the popular coach)Or was it a new technical edge that will be replicated?That,only time can tell!Lets see how it goes when we enter the Big Boys’ zone of the actual qualifixcation process.If we dont expose our backsides for the whip-then we are good to go!

For now,Arsenal style,lets celebrate our current victory,’tomorrow will take care of itself’


Kimanzi and the Boys….THUMBS UP!!!


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