Like Olympics, Like Life


Kawi Snippets

August is one of those months that I don’t really have feelings for, if you know what I mean. But am thinking it’s about time I embraced it for no reason at all, just because. I think for starters it has the most awkward name in all the months names…don’t you think so?

When I was a kid my friend told me to be saying when I was younger..difference?, Olympics was the only sports thing that could keep me glued to the TV, just that I had to wait so long before the next one. All other sports were boring, unless Wrestling of course (WWF). I was always looking forward to seeing the determination and focus on the participants faces every 4 years round. Yeah there was eye candy *slurp* but for me it was about how much confidence they had in themselves to be able to represent their countries in the Olympics…

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