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Kenya’s constitution promises much, but its implementation has proven difficult.

In 2010, Kenyan political leaders rallied together in a historic moment to publicise the country’s new constitution, bringing into effect some of Africa’s most progressive rights and governance laws. The Kenyan population rejoiced after voting overwhelming in favour of it in a nationwide referendum. The international community called the document a watershed for reform on the continent.

That cloud of euphoria has since settled. Sensing political resistance towards the constitution’s implementation, Kenyans are widely voicing their disillusionment, anxiety and anger. In a country with a rich legacy of impunity, analysts say some members of the political elite are actively preventing the realisation of constitutional principles in order to preserve their political ambitions.

“Professional careers may be in jeopardy,” Andrews Asa Asamoah, East Africa analyst at the Institute for Security Studies, told Think Africa Press. “If you look…

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