So,the other day I am sitting idly in the house when I get a twitter mention by Ghafla Kenya….that I am among the nominees for a BAKE Award..with a link.

At first,I think its a link for me to vote for them…but,oh my!My football blog has been nominated for the Awards!Ok,I don’t remember submitting it,maybe a fan did(God Bless Them)..and.of all my blogs,this is the one blog I pay least attention to..and it has a nomination?

I must say its the highest point of my blogging life(I almost said career)..and it took me some time to get the gist of it all.

The BAKE Blog Awards rewards bloggers that post on a regular basis, have great and useful content, are creative and innovative.

You see,I am not much of a blogger,but I do it at times..its like my public diary…Thanks to my IT dad Alex Mwiti,I own a domain..which is quite a huge step made in this practice.Ok,I used to blog before,and I was quite undecided on what field to major in,so,I tried many,getting bored fast… PoliticsFootballMusic,Jobs,Inspiration,et all…I even tried being naughty.

Well,I concentrated more on Poems, Inspiration and Frank Opinion on everything…including the football that won me this.

It was a glorious moment..I have been glowing.

I don’t know how many votes I will get,but this nomination is still great for me..A win would give me wings to fly.It would surprise me,but this nomination gave me a good preparation for that.

My readers can VOTE FOR ME HERE under the BEST SPORTS BLOG category.



In explaining interest rates and maturity of bonds,my lecturer gave an example that elicited murmurs from all.He said,money(or lack of it) is not reason enough to have small families.One should have as many children as possible-for the future!

This,with the economic times and the cost of raising a child!

Then he brought up an angle that we don’t time to look at!We inflate the cost of raising children-ourself!Think of it:

Why pay Sh.30000 per term for kindergarten where all the child goes to do is play and sleep!Things they could for free at home!They dont learn anything new there,do they?

Or,oh!They learn to speak English.So,when you go upcountry,they will be perceived as clever,as revolutionized.. “See,he speaks English!”Come on!An English speaking child doesn’t bring food on the table,does he?So,why pay that much,yet there are no returns?

Then they proceed to classes that never existed when we were there..Baby Class,PreUnit, Nursery C,B,A… that by the time the Child joins Primary School proper,he has spent a fortune..yet has nothing to show for it-apart from ‘urbanized English,of course!

There are foods that only children of the rich eat,its almost a prescription that they take expensive cereal,margarine and several other things that I don’t even know.This gives rise to obesity,teeth cavities,etc.Note,there are many better and cheaper alternatives to these.Ask you mother,she will send a bus-ful of indigenous foods fit for your child,the same food that made the healthy you!

Meanwhile,the kid is in a high-end primary school that requires Sh.70000 per term.This,and the child is a day-scholar,carrying the expensive food in expensive lunch boxes,just to fit in.Thereby,an average child uses more than Sh.100000 each three months-all in the name of ‘Quality Education’.

After all this comes the Final Exam,he is defeated by a Child who went the Kibaki System of (Free) Public Primary Education,or slightly defeats them.Then the quota system of allocating secondary schools sets in.The other child goes to a good Public School,while yours manages a village or district school.This is the bidding of the upper middle class,so,you get him into a Private Secondary School,still in quest for quality Education.MORE MONEY!

That is just one example of education.There are many more…

For Instance,clothes.THe same clothe may have different prices,but since your child is high class,you insist to buy their clothes in high-end malls.I buy mine in Gikomba and they serve the same utility!

You used washable nappies worth very little,but now you have a multi-figure budget for diapers for your baby.

Ultimately,it becomes hard to raise two children,actually,they turn you bankrupt,whereas you would have raised them comfortably.Even added more.

Why have more?Talk to your grandfather.he will tell you why many children make Old Age merrier.No contesting that!It makes living feel worthwhlie,taken care of!Ypu will die a very gratified person.Its the ultimate return of your investment in children!

As you can see,with the right mind,having a huge family isn’t economically unrealistic.Its a viable investment with positive returns.

So,friends,thats why I am having a football team!


There are some things that exceed human stupidity. I call it “Excessive human stupidity” for lack of a single solid term to describe some actions. It’s even worse when these actions are done by men who have gone to school and call themselves educated. Some of these actions include the disgraceful actions from a clique of Gor Mahia fans yesterday after their 0-0 draw with AFC Leopards.

Two AFC Leopards fans lost their lives after unfortunately being caught in the middle of wanton destruction and violence from zombie-like, almost brainless, childish men that insultingly call themselves fans of Gor Mahia. May their souls rest in peace.

It is always the hope of every one a fan out there that the Kenyan Football scene is devoid of such violence witnessed yesterday. The truth is, most fans are truly worth the name “Fan”; they support their team in sensible ways like composing a team anthem, acquiring themselves a jersey, attending matches when they can and overall, being disciplined in their exploits as fans. This has been the norm for most of us who call ourselves fans. But what happens when some hooligans inject insanity in their football emotions? Absolute mayhem and sadly, death.

Those who participated in that stupid stone-throwing session should feel extremely ashamed of themselves! All they did was taint the name of Gor-Mahia as a club and brought Kenyan football to its death throes. They have taken us a few years back when a young boy lost his life in Nyayo Stadium after a game. They have taken us back to those years when people avoided going to stadia since violence was the order of the day. It’s unfair to football as a whole that a small group of football goons have caused this much harm. Such people should be identified, arrested and given time long enough in the gaol where they can have adequate time in their hands to stone each other and the jail mice.

In perspective, the violence that happened yesterday was a huge dent in the Gor image (that had been getting better with every sunrise) and should as such seek ways to discipline their rogue fans (If they ever were). The KPL should also step in and make sure Kenyan soccer doesn’t go the Egyptian way. They should issue stern fines where need be. Some of us are really done for with this soccer violence from adults with beyond-childish demeanors.

A cry from the true fans out there who want to watch peaceful football and go home to their beds goes out to these excessively stupid humans: STYLE UP OR STAY OFF FOOTBALL!

STONES cant win a FOOTBALL League…..Its a GAME,not WAR!

World Bank to loan Kenya Sh160bn over two years

THE World Bank plans to disburse 1.9 billion Sh159.2 billion for funding various projects in Kenya over the next two years, the organization\s Vice President for sustainable development Rachel Kyte has said. Kyte who is currently on a visit in Kenya revealed that the funding will target strategic projects that are important in poverty alleviation. Two of the key sectors that are set to benefit significantly from the funding are water and en…

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